Protect & Survive

TBC Audio Original Drama
TBC Audio original drama presents Protect & Survive.
In 1984, amid fears of a nuclear war, the BBC produced and broadcast “Threads”, the story of a nuclear strike on the UK.
Now, in 2021, a series of 9 monologues takes you on a terrifying journey from the day before to 1,000 years after such a nuclear attack.
On government lists, Brighton is identified as one of the five locations in the UK that would not be a target in a nuclear war with the USSR.
The city may survive  but, imagine what life would be like in Brighton if this happened.The chaos, the anguish, the resilience…


Day Zero minus 1 by Jonathan Williamson   (00:01:20)
with Tigger Blaize as Esme.

Day Zero by Colin Brake  (00:20:45)
with Amelia Armande as Carol.

Day Zero plus 7 by Gareth Strachan  (00:37:08)
with Russell Shaw as Darren.

Day Zero plus 12 by Robert Cohen  (00:48:05)
with Sorcha Brooks as Fran.

Day Zero plus 21 by Alexander Lynch  (01:04:37)
with Justin K. Hayward as The Banker.

Day Zero plus 121 by Simon Jenner (01:17:40)
with Philippa Hammond as The Farmer.

Day Zero plus 300 by Jonathan Williamson (01:27:30)
with Penny Scott-Andrews as Cathy.

Day Zero plus 4,380 by Simon Jenner (01:49:03)
with Owen Bleach as The Boy.

Day Zero plus 1,000 years by Simon Jenner  (01:58:44)
with Jack Kristiansen as Oliver.

SIMON MOORHEAD (Producer & Director)

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